RIP CHI ♥ LP are blessed to have these wonderful memories and stories to look back on ♥

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I just heard that Deftones bassist Chi Cheng just passed away, and wanted to share a short story with you. In the early 2000s, we went out on a European tour opening for Deftones which we jokingly called the “Endless Winter Tour” because we followed cold weather around the globe for what seemed like forever. Spirits were a bit down, because it was always freezing and we kept getting sick.

One afternoon, we had a cover photo shoot for some rock magazine, and Chester was late. We were just starting to be discovered by fans in Europe, and the photographer wasn’t familiar with our band.

As we were waiting for Chester, Chi was walking by, and in his typical warm, friendly style, stopped by to hang out and mess around with us. The photographer, seeing the new person there, and watching us together, assumed the guy must be in the…

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We’re not broken – just bent


Don't follow your them!


I think we all have adventured this feeling before. Sadness. Emptiness. Tears – lots of tears. All of a sudden the sky turns black, and big rainy clouds push themselves in front of the sun that has been shining so brightly. Sure, there have been little clouds along the way, but that’s normal right?

But now… now everything seems sad, lost and we feel like there’s no turning back. Everything seems to end. Now. Forever.

I think we all have been heart broken before. We all have lost friends before.

Luckily I had this feeling only once before, but right now it’s back and yet again I feel like everything’s breaking down around me. Everything seems hopeless and just sad.

After days in tears and depressing thoughts I finally came to a realization though. And it’s not a wonder or a huge wisdom I have heard from someone. It’s pretty…

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How I Live Now – Next Book Club

Anna Shinoda

It’s midnight here in California, so I’ve closed the poll for voting for the next book club selection.  How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff barely beat The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.  So for our next book club we’ll read How I Live Now, and the book club after that we will read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Thanks for voting and happy reading!

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I’ve been keeping a secret.

My secret is not something shocking, it’s not about music, and it’s not anything that would make an exciting gossip column.  And the people who are impacted by this secret–the people who benefit from what I’m about to tell you–may never really know how it happened, because they do not have internet, may not have electricity, and almost certainly have never heard of Linkin Park.

I have a childhood friend from California named Andrew, who works for a non-profit, doing things like getting medical supplies to refugees after natural disasters.  He had been going back and forth regularly between the US and Haiti.  A little over a year ago, during one of his stops at home, I had him over for dinner.  We talked about what was going on, and as he recounted the complex and troubling scenario he saw on his trips, he revealed…

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