We’re not broken – just bent


Don't follow your dreams....chase them!


I think we all have adventured this feeling before. Sadness. Emptiness. Tears – lots of tears. All of a sudden the sky turns black, and big rainy clouds push themselves in front of the sun that has been shining so brightly. Sure, there have been little clouds along the way, but that’s normal right?

But now… now everything seems sad, lost and we feel like there’s no turning back. Everything seems to end. Now. Forever.

I think we all have been heart broken before. We all have lost friends before.

Luckily I had this feeling only once before, but right now it’s back and yet again I feel like everything’s breaking down around me. Everything seems hopeless and just sad.

After days in tears and depressing thoughts I finally came to a realization though. And it’s not a wonder or a huge wisdom I have heard from someone. It’s pretty…

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